City Building, Thomas Hart Benton 1930

Before writing 3 books on economics and personal finance, my career involved several roles in the mechanical engineering field. This included mechanical design on the Darlington nuclear generating station in Ontario, and engineering management for engine systems used in autos all over the world. 
I have a diploma in engineering technology, a recent honors degree in economics, and an early retirement.

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Architect's Table, Pablo Picasso 1912

What's coming up?

My latest book has been released by Macmillan publishing, so what's next?

Many people are increasingly concerned about income inequality, so my research now revolves around biased reporting, hidden influences, and the real progress in work life due to technology.

My main future project will address the causes of national wealth disparity across the world and across the ages.


Knowing your world includes knowing about your economy.

You can decide how much economics is right for you, but I think there should at least be some. I start each of my books by asking a couple of simple questions about a topic that current or controversial. For example, "Is it true that service sector jobs pay less than other sectors?" The economist's question always follows..... "How much?" With this approach, I try to keep the discussion relevant, direct, and interesting.